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"Behind every attack of "eco-activists" there are real victims - peaceful residents of Artsakh"

"A few days ago, a bad example was picked up in Azerbaijan by sending "environmental defenders" from among Azerbaijanis to block the road to Artsakh.
But where is ecology, and where is Azerbaijan? The Azerbaijanis themselves are well aware of the landfills throughout the country, and the pollution of the Caspian Sea, and that Baku behind the front facades is, to put it mildly, not the cleanest space, are as well aware about the huge polluted territories in the south, from where poisonous winds blow, and much more. And what does Artsakh have to do with it — the land of greenery and the purest waters? Probably, everyone should go about their own business and not try to hide their problems behind attacks on a neighbor?
In any case, behind every attack of "eco-activists" there are real victims, losses, scandals. In the case of Artsakh, these are the most ordinary and simple people, residents of the republic, those who definitely have nothing to do with ecology. Their relatives who are dying in hospitals in Artsakh while the roads are closed, children and relatives who cannot move, schoolchildren, suppliers and merchants, the most ordinary grandparents who will not see their relatives at Christmas.
In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a situation where lies and hatred are covered up with good intentions. The last, as you know, laid out a path in one direction — to hell."