The Internet has been restored in Artsakh. US senators have sent a letter to Secretary Blinken with an appeal to help Artsakh.

  • The NKR Information Center reports that Internet connection has been restored in the territory of Artsakh. With the mediation of the Russian peacekeeping forces stationed in Artsakh, the technical staff of Karabakh Telecom (an Internet provider in Artsakh) managed to go to the place of cable damage and repair it.

  • US Senators have sent a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken calling for assistance to Artsakh.
The blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh has devastating consequences for an already vulnerable region that is still recovering from the aftermath of the 2020 Azerbaijani attack.
Despite the statements that the blockade is carried out by "eco-protesters", it seems that the ultimate responsibility lies with the Aliyev regime of Azerbaijan. Moreover, the Russian forces entrusted with the peacekeeping mission have definitely failed in their duties.
According to @armenpress, US Senators Bob Menendez and Jack Reed wrote about this in a letter addressed to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.
"The United States cannot stay away while the Aliyev regime mercilessly threatens the lives of the citizens of Nagorno-Karabakh, and must hold Azerbaijan accountable for depriving the civilian population of access to food and basic necessities," the letter says.
"We welcome the acceptance of responsibility by Azerbaijan for this blockade, which has caused a humanitarian crisis, but at the same time, the United States must take steps to restore the free flow of humanitarian and essential goods for the besieged population.
We must support organizations that are working to provide assistance, and we must work with our like-minded partners across Europe, who have also expressed concern about Baku's actions to put pressure on the Aliyev regime for it to end this unacceptable blockade," the US senators noted.

  • Speaker of the French National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet calls for a return to dialogue within the Minsk Group. She stated this at a press conference in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.
"I think it is important to return to the dialogue between the parties today. The Minsk Group is one of the existing platforms for dialogue. Of course, it is not the only one, but it is a very important platform. And today it is very important that all the parties involved agree to return to this dialogue. And we, the parliamentarians, also call for a return to dialogue within the framework of the Minsk Group," Yaël Braun-Pivet stated.
Yaël Braun-Pivet stressed that France has always been on the side of Armenia in strengthening its sovereignty and independence of the country. France supports fraternal countries whose territorial integrity is under threat. According to her, the Azerbaijani provocations against Armenia committed in September caused concern in France, and the National Assembly reacted to this. In particular, a resolution was adopted demanding that Azerbaijan cease its aggression against Armenia.
"As you know, France has always been close to Armenia to strengthen its sovereignty and independence. The government, President Emmanuel Macron and our whole country are united in showing care," she assured, adding that France stands in solidarity with Armenia.