The youth of Artsakh collects signatures on a petition to stop ethnic cleansing

Artsakh youth couldn't keep silent and do nothing and started collecting signatures for a petition, the demands of which are formulated in 4 points:

a/ withdrawal of Azerbaijani armed forces from the Armenian territories occupied after November 9,

b/ the full observance of the ceasefire regime,

c/ immediate unblocking of the corridor, uninterrupted communication with Armenia through a 5 km wide corridor, removal of the checkpoint,

d/ ensuring the right to return to their homeland for persons held captive and refugees.

70 volunteers organized an active collection of signatures at 4 points in Stepanakert. Tens of thousands of signatures have already been collected so far. People from all over Artsakh are calling and writing to express their opinions and join the petition.

The 120,000 residents of Artsakh can't and won't keep silent!